• E-newsletter Volume 4: Issue 1 – January 2017


    Welcome to this first edition of 2017.

    Our first item looks back to our final Saturday Café of 2016. This feast of mince pies, cakes and mulled wine was very well attended and donations amounted to over £80 for our chosen charity, Stonepillow.



    You can view their letter of acknowledgement and thanks by following this link.


    Parking responses


    You may remember that we asked for your views on the possible introduction of a voucher system to reduce regular misuse of visitor permits by residents. We received a number of responses, both for and against, – thank you –, which we discussed at our committee meeting in December. You can read the minutes here but, in essence, we felt that we needed to provide an opportunity for residents to see the vouchers with a full and clear explanation of how they might work. This will probably be at a series of Saturday Cafés. In addition, there are a number of outstanding issues that Linden and CPM need to address before we take this forward. We will keep you fully informed of progress in this matter.


    Feedback from the Quarterly Meeting


    On 18th January, we met with representatives from Linden Homes, Grange Management and Affinity Sutton for one of our regular Quarterly Meetings. The full minutes of the meeting will be available on our website as soon as they have been agreed. Over the course of the three hour meeting, we discussed a range of matters of concern to residents, many of which we have raised in the past.   For a number of items we have managed to establish agreed timescales for resolution. However, it is clear that there are some very slow-moving cogs within the Linden organisation, which hamper progress, in spite of the best efforts of those on the front line. We will therefore, be writing directly to the MD of Linden Homes pointing out our concerns and will keep you posted on his response.

    In the meantime, please continue to use the usual channels for Linden Customer Service for any issues affecting you, following the guidance given on the Useful Contacts page of the website.

    You can find the minutes of previous Quarterly Meetings on the website and they should give you a flavour of the range of things we discuss.

    One further point, raised by Trudie at the meeting, which may be of interest to some of you, relates to Sky Q. Grange will be rolling this out across Phases 1,2 and 3 over the next few months. This will be on leasehold units only and residents of freehold properties will need to make their own arrangements.


    Group purchasing


    At a recent Saturday Café, a resident asked if it might be possible to obtain certain services, such as cleaning of guttering, at a discount by approaching tradespeople as a group.



    If other residents feel that they would like to become involved with such a scheme, please e-mail Susan with your suggestions.


    Sussex Garden Trust


    We have renewed our membership of the Sussex Garden Trust, covering all residents here at Graylingwell. They organise talks and visits, which some of you may find interesting and discounts are usually available.  Information about an event planned for April to be held at the Weald and Downland Museum at Singleton, was included in the December edition of the newsletter.



    There will be other events held throughout the year and Barbara Howden-Richards is your committee member contact for the SGT. She can provide further information as well as booking forms and so on. Just contact her on: barbarahowdenrichards@hotmail.com


    Using the website – new look update


    Those of you, who have clicked on the links in this newsletter to past minutes and newsletters, may have discovered a new look to these pages. Rather than scrolling down through all past publications, you can access them via links. This helps us with housekeeping on the site, speeding things up as we make changes or additions. We always welcome feedback on the GPRA website so do check it out and get back to us.


    One purpose of the website and newsletters is to keep residents informed about issues that affect them and to offer them feedback opportunities. However, of around 400 households on the development, fewer than 150 subscribe to the newsletter. We would appreciate it if you could encourage friends and neighbours to sign up, if they have not already done so. There is no commitment involved and the information we provide may well be relevant to them. If you know of residents who do not have Internet access, perhaps you could print or show them a copy. We do usually put a printed digest on the noticeboards but, as space is very limited, it only contains the bare bones.



    One website page which retains its old look but has been updated recently is the Useful Contacts Page . There has been some clarification of contact details for two companies that provide services for Graylingwell Energy. They are: Veolia – the company that carries out the engineering work if there is a problem with your heating or hot water – and ista, who look after billing.



    There is also some sound advice on what to do in the case of a crime. There have been isolated cases of antisocial behaviour recently and residents should always report this crime by telephone or by using the Sussex Police online service for which there is a link on that page.


    Safe speeds save lives



    One reason we have a 10mph speed limit here at Graylingwell is to protect pedestrians, particularly children. In Lloyd Road, speed bumps were fitted to slow the cars of drivers who feel the need to speed up on the straight sections, but, in spite of this, there are still near misses from time to time. A little girl was almost hit by a car just this week in Longley Road, where the rumble strips are lower than speed bumps. Please be aware, and remind others, that this is a residential development and it’s very important to stick to the limit.


    Saturday Café



    Saturday Cafés held by the GPRA are held on the third Saturday of each month and the next one is on 21st January between 10.00am and noon at The Lodge. We will bring samples of parking vouchers to show you, which would be similar to those we would use if we decide to run a trial of the system later in the year.


    And finally:


    Although the temperature has dropped recently, there are still a few signs that we are heading towards the spring. If you walk around the park, you will see the first daffodil shoots poking through as well as the sticky buds on the chestnut trees beginning to swell – and, in Lloyd Road, there are catkins on the silver birches.



    As always, please feel free to forward this e-newsletter to friends and neighbours who may not yet have signed up to receive it.