• E-newsletter Volume 3: Issue 7 – October 2016

    Welcome to this late October edition of the newsletter.


    Summer finally seems to be over, the nights are drawing in and Graylingwell Park is looking lovely with autumn colour in the trees.






    Quarterly meeting feedback


    Since the last newsletter, we have had our September quarterly meeting with Daryl (technical manager) and Claire (customer services) from Linden Homes together with Trudie from Grange Management. Unfortunately there was no representative from Affinity Sutton.


    Daryl is currently completing the minutes of the meeting and these should be available on the website very shortly.


    One of the topics discussed was the issue of covenants – the legal agreements that ensure that Graylingwell remains a pleasant place to live. Examples of some of these may be found on the Hot Topics page of the website and there will be flyers distributed in due course to ensure that all residents are aware of their responsibilities as well as their rights.


    Bin stores again!


    Although there has been some improvement in the use of the dumpsters in the bin stores, there are still some problems. In two stores recently, bins have been overfilled and rubbish bags left on the floor, as well as non-recyclable materials being put into the recycling bins. Given that there is clear guidance on these bins explaining the system, this is disappointing, particularly since the cost of sorting this out is born by us, the residents. Below are extracts from information supplied by Trudie to illustrate this.




    I just thought I would let you know that CDC contacted me this week to advise they were unable to empty a few of the recycling bins as they had been contaminated with bulk waste, coffee table, mattress and general household waste etc. I will arrange for a contractor to attend and clear the contaminated waste from the dumpsters and then arrange another collection with CDC




    Just to let you know the bulky waste was removed from all the bin stores yesterday and the contaminated waste was decontaminated. The total cost was £180.00 and we will now arrange for the re-cycling bins to be emptied. Could have spent the money on a more worthy cause – such a shame.


    The £180 charge has been born by all residents in phases 1, 2 and 3 since the problem has affected all three areas. Sadly, since then, more rubbish, which should have been taken to the Westhampnett waste recycling site, has been left in some stores – see below.






    It would be really helpful if you could spread the word about the impact that fly tipping and incorrect use of the recycling bins is having. In addition, often there is another store containing almost empty bins very close to one with full bins. Just a short walk could relieve the pressure.




    Another recent charge on the residents of phase 1 has been for replacement kerbstones and the installation of bollards to protect them. This amounted to a cost, with VAT, of £2,790.00 for 16 kerbstones and six stainless steel bollards.




    On the plus side, the amount of speeding in Lloyd Road seems to have been reduced, making the street much safer, and there should now be no further need to replace kerbstones damaged as a result of vehicles driving over them.


    Neighbourhood Watch




    Many of you already know that we have a Neighbourhood Watch group here. The aim of Neighbourhood Watch is to build safer and stronger communities. The system has changed over the past year and it is possible for you to sign up for this by entering your postcode on the Our Watch site.


    Once you have done this, you will receive regular updates and information from Neighbourhood Alert.


    There are three sub-groups at Graylingwell: Longley Road ; Homestead Road and Lloyd Road


    Renting parking spaces


    There are a few people who do not use their allocated resident spaces and who would be willing to rent these to other residents. We are considering providing a service at the Saturday Café with the GPRA (the third Saturday of each month at The Lodge) where those who are interested in renting one of these spaces can be put in touch with those who have a space available. Please let us know what you think.


    And finally:



    What a generous lot we are!


    As you probably know, if you look at the noticeboards around the development, the Macmillan Coffee Morning held by Immanuel Church, and the CCDT in The Lodge, together with support from the GPRA, raised the magnificent sum of £406.


    What many of you may not know is that a Graylingwell resident has been raising funds for Alzheimer’s research.


    On a thankfully sunny day in Southsea, Maureen Haskell, resident of Longley Road, joined the other nine members of her team, known as Malone’s Marchers, to complete the 10km (6.25 mile) walk from Castle Field, Southsea, into old Portsmouth and back – twice!



    Maureen told us “My brother, Jim Malone, lives with Alzheimer’s disease and we wanted to do something together as a family (with ages ranging from 1 to 79) that raises awareness of the disease.


    Thanks so much to all those generous Graylingwell residents who supported our team. We are still collecting and if you haven’t yet given but wish to, please visit Malone’s Marchers Just Giving page.


    Around 225,000 people develop dementia every year – that’s the equivalent of one person every three minutes. So far the team has raised nearly £800 for a world without dementia.”



    Continuing the charity theme, there will be an opportunity to support Stonepillow, our local charity for homeless and vulnerable people, at the final Saturday Café of the year on 17th December. This will be hosted by the GPRA who will be providing delicious mince pies and mulled wine. Put the date in your diary – more details nearer the time.


    If you know anyone who doesn’t yet receive this newsletter, please encourage them to sign up via the “Regular e-mail sign up” page of the website. Just forward this e-mail to them. A digest is usually displayed on the noticeboards for those without internet access.