• E-newsletter Volume 3: Issue 6 – September 2016

    They’re here at last!


    After many months, (I note that the process started in January), the three litter bins for which we have campaigned have now been installed around the park – two sponsored by the University and the third paid for by residents via Grange Management.




    There is one at each entrance to the park from Connolly Way and Blomfield Drive, as well as another near the Harold Kidd Unit. This also has a cigarette stubber on the top.




    Although we at Graylingwell have to pay for the emptying of the bins by Chichester District Council, hopefully it will be worth it and the park will be less litter strewn in future.


    The Annual General Meeting of the Residents’ Association


    Forty-two people attended this meeting, held at the end of last month, and we were delighted to welcome a number of new residents to this event. We tried to keep it reasonably short and sweet as well as enjoyable, with a glass (or two) of wine and nibbles thrown in.


    The full minutes of the meeting are posted on this page of the website but, in essence, we spent a little time outlining some of the things that your association has achieved over the past year as well as our hopes for the future.


    The financial position of the association is healthy. After settling outstanding expenses, we should have about £600 – £700 in the bank, which we would like to spend on the community. Much of this money has been raised from organising the car parking for the Summer Garden Party as well as from donations made at our monthly Saturday Café with the GPRA. We would welcome suggestions from residents on how this might be spent. Send your ideas to Susan@gpresidents.co.uk.


    Clare de Bathe of the Community Development Trust was at the meeting to talk about its role in looking after our interests as we build a new community here at Graylingwell. Trudie Hudson, of Grange, was also able to explain the remit of the management company and how it relates to Linden Homes.


    Three new members joined the committee and, although Sarah, who, thankfully, will continue to organise the Saturday Café, is standing down, our number will be fourteen.


    At the end of the meeting, residents chatted informally with committee members to raise issues or ask questions. It is clear that there is concern about other housing developments planned around Graylingwell, which will surely have an impact on services such as doctors’ surgeries and schools as well as traffic around the area. The committee will be looking at these issues as well as the day-to-day concerns of residents as Graylingwell continues to grow.


    Contacting Linden Homes, Grange Management, Affinity Sutton and Graylingwell Energy


    We would like to remind everyone that there are clear procedures for contacting these four organisations outlined on the Useful Contact Numbers page of the website. On most occasions, responses are prompt and produce results, but there are still times when things seem to move very slowly (or not at all). We are working with these organisations to try to get the systems operating effectively when residents encounter problems and need them resolved.


    At our next Quarterly Meeting at the end of this month, we will be looking at ways of streamlining communications, since sometimes we on the committee are guilty of flooding our contacts’ inboxes in our efforts to get some action and we recognise that this is not always the best way to get things done.


    And finally – back to the bins


    At the moment, the park is looking lovely in the bright sunshine of this Indian Summer. The bins are clearly being used, although there is still some litter, particularly around the edges, possibly from before the time when they were installed.



    Even with the bins in place, we would like to do a general litter-pick in October. Consequently, we are offering any residents who care to join us, the opportunity to dress up in high-viz jackets and, for some lucky people, there will also be mechanical grabbers. We have a stock of disposable vinyl gloves and black bin liners. To take advantage of this very special offer, you will need to be at the Sales and Marketing Suite on the park at 11.00am on Sunday 16th October – so put the date in your diary now!


    Stop Press


    For those of you interested in historic gardens, there are two events coming soon, sponsored by the Sussex Gardens Trust (of which we are corporate members). One is in East Sussex this Thursday (15th) and the other is on 20th October in Gloucestershire. More information can be found on the Upcoming Events page of the website.