• E-newsletter Volume 3: Issue 4 – May 2016

    The GPRA committee has been organising regular litter picks in the park for some time now but it has always been our goal to have litterbins and regular council collections. As we share the site with the University, we decided to approach them to see if they would donate a bin. Due to some sterling work by one member of the committee, we are pleased to report that the University has made a donation, which will cover the cost of two bins. Grange Management has agreed to cover the cost of a third bin and, as soon as we receive the money from the University, the bins, of the same sturdy type as used by CDC, will be ordered.



    Having studied the areas that are most prone to littering we have asked for the bins be placed in the following locations: the corner of the park near the Blomfield Drive entrance, the parking area on Blomfield Drive opposite the Harold Kidd unit and one third of the way along Connolly Way. Once the bins have been installed, council collections will be weekly and if you see anyone dropping litter, please ask them politely to use the bins provided.


    Progress on the Airing Courts


    In Graylingwell Hospital, the Airing Courts were garden areas where patients were able to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Recently, Linden have started work on the restoration of the Central Airing Courts with some initial planting.

    The photograph below, taken from the air in the 1920s, shows the gardens towards the bottom of the picture.




    If you follow this link you will be able to see the latest plans for the project.


    A shelter, similar to that which can be seen in the garden of the Harold Kidd Unit near the bus stop on Blomfield Drive, has been rescued and will be re-erected in the new gardens, along with one of the original iron water fountains.




    This will not be returned to full working order but will be restored and placed in the garden as a decorative feature. Members of the GPRA tree group will be keeping a close eye on this important project.


    Lock your car!


    Our PCSO, KarenTurrell, has warned us that there has been a spate of car crime in the area recently, including in East Broyle, Brandy Hole Lane, Summersdale and, even closer to home, Lloyd Road. The apparently opportunist thefts have been from insecure vehicles from which items have been removed overnight. So, always lock your car and don’t leave items in clear sight. Just the click of a button or turn of a key can protect your valuables.


    Bike shed security


    In the March edition of the newsletter, we reported that there had been thefts from the bike stores. This was in spite of the cycles being secured to the posts with D-locks and with additional locking of the frame to the wheel to prevent their being ridden away. The ability of the thieves to unbolt the bike hoops from the concrete is worrying, since it would seem that, whatever precautions the security conscious cyclist takes, the bike is still vulnerable. New notices on the stores confirm that bikes are parked at the owners’ risk. However, efforts are going on behind the scenes to ensure that the hoops are made more secure in the concrete, although this is not going to happen overnight. We will keep you posted on progress.


    New bus timetable


    After the consultation period, WSCC has modified (improved) its original proposal. Briefly, the last weekday and Saturday bus leaves the Cathedral at 21:58 (currently 22:49) and the Sunday and Public Holiday bus becomes hourly, with the last bus leaving the Cathedral at 19:20 (currently 21:49).


    Daytime weekday/Saturday services are extended to Summersdale and will depart from Graylingwell, travelling towards the city at 17 and 47 minutes past the hour and back towards Graylingwell from the Cathedral at 29 and 59 past each hour.


    For details, follow this link.


    Although this is less than we currently enjoy, it is not as bad as was originally proposed and this option requires half the subsidy thus ensuring a service until the completion of the development. Hopefully by then the service should be self-financing.


    One small point to be aware of is that the 50, when coming from Summersdale towards the city, will enter the park via Blomfield Drive and be routed clockwise round the park, the opposite way to at present. The northbound bus on its way to Summersdale will come into the park via Connolly Way. We will monitor this from a convenience (disabled and pram access) and road safety point of view and make further representations to WSCC if we believe this to be an issue.




    Following twelve Saturdays of successful Parkruns around Havenstoke Park, the event is transferring back to Oaklands Park. Those of you who have enjoyed taking part on our home turf can carry on at the new venue. Treat the short walk as a warm-up! However, the event has not left Graylingwell for good, as the organisers will be ringing the changes. For the latest news on Chichester parkrun just follow this link.


    Bin stores


    Unfortunately, there are still problems with fly tipping in the bin stores as well as overfilling and misuse of the dumpsters. On recent days, when the weather has been warm, it is obvious, without looking inside the bin stores, that some residents are still putting their household waste into already full dumpsters. The inevitable smell, because the dumpsters won’t close, is very unpleasant for those living nearby. As we mentioned in the last newsletter, there are usually nearly empty bins in the stores. It just takes a second or two to choose one of these, rather than the closest one to the door.


    Management changes at Linden


    With the merging of the Southampton and Guildford offices of Linden Homes, there has been a change of personnel with a direct responsibility for the development here at Graylingwell. So far, we feel that, on the whole, things are moving in the right direction with a greater willingness to listen to, and take action on, the concerns of residents. Our first face-to-face meeting will be at our Quarterly Meeting with Linden, Grange and Affinity Sutton to be held on June 22nd when we will be doing a walkabout of the site before the meeting. We will report back to you in the next newsletter.


    Summer garden party




    And finally, the date is set for the next Graylingwell Park Summer Garden Party. On Saturday 9th July, Havenstoke Park will host this exciting event. There will be stalls and arcades, kids village and tractor rides, market and crafts, arena activities, great food and much more…


    A special children’s TV character will also be coming along. It’s all very hush-hush but the little people are going to be very excited!


    For details, just follow this link to this page of the CCDT website.


    Volunteers for car parking rota


    As last year, the GPRA will be organising the parking for this event. If you can spare an hour to join the rota to help with parking on the day, please contact Susan Shord or Sue Cressey, whose details can be found on this page of the website.


    If you know of someone who doesn’t have access to the Internet, please remind them that there is usually a newsletter digest on the noticeboards around the development. Please also encourage neighbours and friends, who haven’t already done so, to sign up to receive our newsletter by going to this page of our website (https://gpresidents.co.uk).