• E-Newsletter: Volume 3: Issue 3: April 2016

    Tree planting


    At long last, most of the horse chestnut trees, which were felled last year around the park, have been replaced. Hopefully the new ones will stay as healthy as they appear to be now.


    There are also two new specimen maples, which have been planted on the green to the north of Penny Acre and these should provide a blaze of colour in the autumn.


    Graylingwell Energy – How are they doing?




    The new way of working with Graylingwell Energy, our heating and hot water provider, has been in place for a little while now. In order to give them the residents’ view of the services they provide, we will be sending you a short questionnaire, and use the information gleaned from your responses in our next meeting with them. Look out for the questionnaire, which will be issued in the next couple of weeks. It will cover both system maintenance and billing administration but not pricing.


    Fly Tipping


    A big thank you to those residents and friends who cleared some of the large items which had been left in the bin-stores and then took them to the amenity tip. The council have made one-off collections to make the stores clean and tidy again. For the most part, the incidence of fly tipping has gone down considerably, although it has not stopped altogether.



    However, there is still an issue relating to the communal bin stores which should concern us all as we move from spring into the hopefully, warmer summer months. There are usually at least three dumpsters in each store. When one becomes full, it is important not to continue to add rubbish so that the lid doesn’t close fully, since this will attract vermin and also cause the store to become smelly – not pleasant for those who live nearby. Usually, it will only take a few seconds to find another bin in the same store that has some room in it, or just a minute or two to take rubbish to an alternative store. Some stores seem underused and others overused so this may need to be looked at by Grange Management and Linden.


    Parking of commercial vehicles


    Although, clearly, there is a need for drivers of commercial vehicles to be allowed to park at Graylingwell during the day, it is important to remember that no commercial vehicles may be parked here between the hours of 7.00pm and 7.00am. Any that are, are likely to receive a parking charge notice. Don’t forget that information and advice on parking at Graylingwell can be found on the Hot Topics page of our website

    Lights around the park


    Unfortunately, the lights on Connolly Way, Blomfield Drive and around the Clock-House, seem to fail on a regular basis. These lights are connected to trip switches and it is a very simple matter to reset them. Anyone noticing the lights are out should report the fault to Grange Management immediately. Their telephone number and email addresses are on the Useful Contacts page of our website. They will then inform the site office so that the switch can be reset. We have asked Grange to bring this matter to Linden’s attention so that action can be taken to prevent this problem arising in future.


    Broken kerbstones



    Some time ago we asked all residents of Lloyd Road to avoid driving over the kerbstones, to help reduce the damage to these. It has been more difficult to make this point to delivery drivers and other visitors to Graylingwell. Now, many of the kerbstones will have to be replaced, at a considerable cost to residents. To ensure that this does not happen again, bollards will be placed along the sections of the road that have a dropped kerb.


    A party for The Lodge


    The Lodge celebrated its first birthday recently with a party organised by residents for residents. In spite of the cold weather, plenty of people turned out to enjoy a free BBQ, live music, bouncy castle, face painting and other attractions. We’ve come a long way since the building arrived in four pieces on the back of several lorries and the community came together to turn it into the great community space that we now enjoy.





    Heritage walk and talk


    Graylingwell Hospital 1_1


    For those of you who would like to find out more about the history of Graylingwell, don’t miss the Walk & Talk with Greg Slay on Saturday 30th April from 2.00-4.00pm, followed by a cream tea in the Lodge. The cost is just £5.00 to include the cream tea and places are limited so booking is essential. (Tel: 01243 697072) Meet at 2.00pm at The Lodge.


    You can always find out more about what’s happening at Graylingwell and Roussillon Park by following the link to the CCDT website from our Upcoming Events Page.


    Beautiful bluebells


    West Sussex is famous for its bluebell woods and rightly so, particularly around West Stoke.



    However, although a much more modest display, the English bluebells around the park and in many little corners of the development, are a delight right now.



    If you know of someone who doesn’t have access to the internet, please remind them that there is usually a newsletter digest on the noticeboards around the development. Please also encourage neighbours and friends, who haven’t already done so, to sign up to receive our newsletter by going to this page of our website (https://gpresidents.co.uk).