• E-Newsletter Volume 3: Issue 2: March 2016

    Co-wheels update


    At the last Saturday Café with the GPRA, Susie, the representative from Co-wheels, was on hand for the second time to talk to residents about joining the car share club. A number of people have signed up and will now have access to Co-Wheels cars in Chichester as well as other vehicles in cities across the country. As part of the section 106 Agreement, Linden Homes have the responsibility to provide spaces for two cars at Graylingwell if enough residents have shown an interest.




    We understand that once at least 25 residents have joined the car club, the trigger point will have been reached, one car will be purchased and then parked at Graylingwell, probably in a space by the sales office. Thus there will be 5 available cars in Chichester. A second car will be purchased once more people have joined. Residents at Roussillon Park are also working with Co-Wheels and the CCDT in order to have a car there, and, of course, this will also be available for Graylingwell residents to use.


    The cost of joining and hire charges are shown on this page of their website.




    Recently, some bikes have been stolen overnight from one of the stores. The thieves managed to wrench out a couple of the hoops thus rendering all locking useless.




    One possible, additional precaution that could be taken, is to use a D-lock to link one wheel to the frame of the bike, as well as the usual locking of the bike to the post. This, at least, would prevent the bike from being ridden away. It is always important to report vandalism and crime to the police and the relevant numbers are shown on the Useful Contacts page of the website. If residents hear or see any suspicious activity please alert the police straight away.


    Fly tipping in bin stores


    Although the situation in the bin stores is now much improved, there has been a spate of fly tipping in them. CDC will only collect rubbish and recycling material, which has been put into the clearly marked dumpsters. Items such as the fibreboard panelling, barbeque, chest of drawers and dead Christmas tree, shown below, must be taken to a Household Waste Recycling Site.









    Our nearest one is in Coach Road, Westhampnett and details of items accepted there can be found on the CDC website – just follow this link: CDC Recycling.


    If rubbish such as this is put in the bin stores and it is left to Grange Management to contact CDC to have it removed, a charge is made and we all pay.


    Find out what the GPRA committee is up to


    Contrary to what some people might think, we don’t just sit round chatting, making up “busy work” and drinking tea (or something stronger). We try to keep you up to date through this regular newsletter, but there is much, much more. If you look at the minutes of our meetings on the website, you will get a flavour of some of the things that exercise us – most of them raised by you, the residents.


    We have regular quarterly meetings with representatives of the main players at Graylingwell – Linden, Affinity Sutton and Grange Management. (See the minutes of the December quarterly meeting in the appendix to our January GPRA meeting minutes). We also have close contact with the Chichester Community Development Trust. Sometimes we simply help people on an individual basis, but frequently what concerns one person also concerns many other residents. Our main aim is to help build a strong and supportive community here at Graylingwell.




    Following on from the item in the last newsletter about the state of the path around the park, we will be doing a walkabout with Trudie Hudson from Grange Management on March 8th as part of our efforts to find solutions to some of the safety issues causing concern at Graylingwell.


    It often takes time to sort problems out, but we keep at it.


    Chichester Parkrun comes to Graylingwell


    You may be familiar with the Parkrun, which takes place every Saturday morning at Oaklands Park. Some of our residents already take part. You will also have noticed that the footpath, which runs between Broyle Road and Oaklands Park, is being upgraded. The organisers of this regular 5K run have asked the CCDT and the GPRA if it can be staged on Havenstoke Park whilst the work is being done – starting this coming Saturday, 5th March. We have agreed to this, subject to conditions which ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum so that dog walkers and pedestrians are unaffected, the environment (including the beautiful daffodils and crocuses which currently grace the perimeter) is protected, all litter is cleared and all parking is offsite. There will be no effect on normal traffic through the park, although drivers must ensure they keep to the speed limit.


    The arrangements will be as follows:


    – Organisers arrive onsite to set up temporary signs and cones at 8:00am.

    – Volunteer briefing and testing at 8:30am.

    – Coffee van onsite at 8:45am.

    – Brief to all runners at 8:55am.

    – Run starts at 9:00am.

    – Everyone finished by 9:45am

    – Cleared up by 10:10am.


    If you would like to take part, you need to register on-line first through the their website. Even if you are not inclined to run, you can find out more at Parkrun, Chichester.


    The course route is shown below:





    Charity Saturday Café


    Although we normally only send out reminders about the monthly Café with the GPRA (third Saturday of the month), the Café is open every Saturday. Immanuel Church hosts the Café on the first Saturday of each month, the second and fourth are hosted by the CCDT and, on those months where there is a fifth Saturday, the aim is that it should be available for raising funds for charity. If you have a good cause for which you’d like to run an event, please contact Clare de Bathe (clare@chichestercdt.org.uk).







    The next Saturday-Café-Extra, on 28th May, has already been booked by Sally Thomas. Her chosen good cause is Sense, a national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind or have sensory impairments.


    Sally became a professional dancer at the age of 17, working at the London Palladium with the extrovert pianist Liberace. She continued to work with him on many occasions and they maintained their friendship until the year before his death.


    She also worked as a personal assistant in America to a number of celebrities including Donald O’Connor, Robert Goulet and Michael Crawford.


    Later she became the Wardrobe Mistress at The Old Vic in London where she met Dame Joan Plowright and this led her to being her assistant and living with her in her London home.


    During her career she was assistant and dresser to a number of actors including Sir Derek Jacobi, Robert Lindsay, Alan Bates and Jeremy Brett. She also worked at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, London as personal assistant and theatre dresser to Dame Maggie Smith.


    At the Café, she will give a talk entitled ‘Life is a Stage’, about her experiences of life in Hollywood and as a dresser/wardrobe mistress. She has photo displays and a photo portfolio for people to look at.


    Make a note in your diary for this charity event on Saturday 28th May. More information will follow nearer the time.