• E-newsletter Volume 3: Issue 1 – January/February 2016

    Welcome to the first e-newsletter of 2016. Hopefully this year will be one in which the community here at Graylingwell Park will continue to go from strength to strength.


    Saturday Café

    The GPRA rounded off 2015 with a very well attended Christmas Saturday Café at the Lodge, where we raised just over £100.




    Stonepillow, our local charity for homeless and vulnerable people, were delighted to receive this Christmas gift from the residents of Graylingwell.




    A representative from Co-wheels, our local car-sharing club, attended our first café of the New Year. They provide a range of cars, available for members to hire, situated around Chichester and many other towns. Finance has been set aside for two cars at Graylingwell, provided enough residents sign up. Residents at Roussillon Park have already voted for one car on site.




    Co-wheels will be bringing a car to our next Saturday Café on 20th February and will be available to answer your questions about this social enterprise. One of the things that many of us hadn’t realised was that, if you are a member, you are entitled to hire a Co-wheels car in any town in the country where they have a presence.


    Their hire rates are very competitive and on their website there is an interesting calculator which allows you to work out the actual cost of running your car. For many of us who are considering moving from two cars to one, or even from one to none, Co-wheels may provide an answer, which makes sound economic sense. There will be more publicity arriving through your letterboxes before long, but please put the date of our next Saturday Café in your diary so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to find out more.


    New Book Group

    A new Book Group will hold its first meeting on Wednesday 2nd March in The Lodge from 2pm to 3pm and will meet monthly thereafter on the first Wednesday of each month. The books to be read will be chosen by the group, although the first one will be “The Glass Room” by Simon Mawer.


    The Glass Room


    The group is affiliated to the Chichester U3A, but anyone is most welcome to come to the first meeting. If they want to join the group, they can then join the U3A – subscription £10 per annum.


    Please contact Anna Corbett at anna.corbett2@gmail.com if you are interested in joining or just attending the first meeting.


    Planning result

    Chichester District Council has finally passed the plans for the 160 homes in Phase 4 of Graylingwell Park, which will be located to the north of the Chapel. However, consent was refused for smaller additions to the existing development over which a number of individual residents as well as the GPRA had raised concerns. These included the proposed houses fronting on to Summersdale Road, the additional homes at the entrance to Penny Acre and the plans for putting four houses on part of the eastern airing courts. If you wish to look at the plans, you can still do so via the planning pages of the CDC website. A link to this may be found on the Hot Topics page of our website.


    Incidentally the plans for the development of Lower Graylingwell may also be viewed on the CDC website. This is a completely separate development from Graylingwell Park situated to the south of Graylingwell Drive.


    The new system works!


    Some of you may have noticed that there was a boiler outage during the afternoon of 7th January, resulting in a temporary loss of hot water and heating. This was due to a series of mains power dips and the boiler automatically shut down to protect the equipment. The shutdown triggered a remote alert and Graylingwell Energy’s new maintenance partner, Veolia, was able to get the heating back up and running within an hour. Residents who have been here for a few years will remember the days of heating loss for days. This is a credit to the new way of working.


    Although the fault was detected automatically, residents should still report any failures to Veolia on 01243 791880, in case the problem is local.


    The Path in the Park

    A number of residents have expressed concern over the condition of the footpath around Havenstoke Park, particularly during the wet weather we have had recently. The “lakes”, which have appeared across the path after heavy rain, make it impassable at times.




    The GPRA has raised this with both Linden Homes and Grange Management. In addition, the poor lighting makes it even more treacherous in the dark. Be assured that we will continue to press for improvements to this situation and will keep you informed of our progress.


    Stop Press! Today the gardeners cleared the footpath so we are making some progress.


    Road safety around Graylingwell

    The sub group of the GPRA, set up to consider safety issues and problems with speeding, has had two meetings to discuss ways of making the development safer for all residents. Once a firm set of proposals have been drawn up, we will be taking them to Grange Management for consideration. The poor state of the footpath, mentioned above, clearly has an impact, given that pedestrians frequently have to use parts of the road to walk around the park. Those drivers, who fail to respect the speed limit along Connolly Way and Blomfield Drive, as well as in the residential roads, increase the danger to pedestrians.


    Upcoming events

    Now that the Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) has its new website up and running, we will be providing a link to that from our upcoming events page rather than re-typing everything on to our own page. We will still highlight new activities and events (such as the Book Club mentioned earlier), to keep you up to date with what’s on at Graylingwell, but regular and one off events organised by the CCDT can be accessed via the link.


    And finally:

    The first daffodils have opened around Havenstoke Park – the photograph below was taken on 13th January 2016.




    Last year, we used this photo:




    …which was taken on 24th March 2015.