• E-newsletter Volume 2: No 10 – October 2015

    Macmillan Coffee Morning




    As many of you will have seen from the notice boards, £310 was raised at the Macmillan Coffee Morning held at The Lodge on 26 September. Congratulations to Coral who organised it and to all her helpers who worked so hard to make it such a resounding success.


    Graylingwell Energy Open Day




    Another success was the Graylingwell Energy Open Day. Those residents who passed through the doors into that mysterious building alongside the water tower were given a full tour and explanation of how our hot water and heating are brought to us. The boilers, pumps and pipework of Graylingwell Energy’s power plant and state-of-the-art electronics, which control them, are impressive. Alan Wyper and his team were on hand to answer residents’ questions – and there were certainly plenty of those. If you missed it, we’ll try to persuade them to repeat the event next year.




    Bin and bike stores


    It’s been a while coming but at last the problems seem to have been sorted out by Linden (with a little prodding from us). We’ve had dumpsters with no bin stores, bin stores with no dumpsters in them and bike stores with no bike hoops. Back in July, we highlighted the overfilling of the dumpsters by the Clock House …



    … bin stores were built but, because there were very few dumpsters in the stores elsewhere in phase 3, it got worse.




    As of this week, all dumpsters are present and correct and the bike hoops have been fitted, so now residents can secure their bikes with D locks.


    Lighting and maintenance/repairs in Lloyd Road


    As you may have noticed, after a long delay, the first four streetlights at the beginning of the road are now working. It was important to take time to get the most competitive price, as we, the residents, are liable for all repairs, hence the delay. A check of the remaining lights revealed that most of them are beginning to fail. Since there is not enough money in the service charge fund to repair all of them, as an interim measure, the three that are in the worst condition will be repaired first. As we don’t consider that the original lights were fit for purpose, this will be raised at the next quarterly meeting with Linden Homes.


    As with all the roads at Graylingwell Park, Lloyd Road is a private road and any repairs to the road are paid for by all residents – not by the Council nor by Linden Homes. Some of us pay through a service charge, direct to Grange Management and some of us pay a charge as part of our rent, but WE ALL PAY.


    A lot of money has also been spent this year repairing the kerbstones, as many people continually drive over them, causing damage. The speed limit in Lloyd Road is 10 MPH and it was made narrow in order to slow cars down and make it a safe place for children and pedestrians.


    So please drive at the appropriate speed and do not drive over the kerbstones.


    It is your money that is spent replacing them.



    Trees in the Park update


    Residents will have seen Linden Homes’ tree surgeons felling a number of the beautiful horse chestnut trees on Havenstoke Park in August. A further three are also marked for felling, though tree surgery work has halted temporarily. As mentioned in our August Newsletter, our Tree Task Group submitted a report to Linden Homes and Grange Management. This suggested that only three horse chestnuts required felling, the remainder needing crown reduction and removal of dead wood. Nevertheless, although some of the residents’ comments were taken into account, ten trees were felled on grounds of health and safety.


    However, Linden Homes’ landscape architect has been asked to prepare a re-planting scheme, which, we understand, will be sent to our Tree Task Group once available. We will seek to ensure the best possible replacements for the felled trees.


    Car Parking


    Car parking continues to be an issue here at Graylingwell, with residents still reporting that they have returned home from work, only to find that another car with no permit is parked in their space. We will continue to work with CPM, Linden and Grange Management on this to find a fair and flexible solution for residents who play by the rules.


    An article outlining parking arrangements can be found in February’s edition of the newsletter on this page of the website. In the September edition, you can find out about the cards we have available if you find yourself in the position of having your space used by someone else.


    We will continue to update you on progress in this matter.