• E-newsletter Volume 2: Issue 7 August 2015

    Hello everyone and welcome to my last newsletter as Chairman of the GPRA.


    The purpose of the newsletters has been to keep everyone up-to-date with developments and issues at Graylingwell and I trust you have found them both interesting and informative. At the very least you know your committee have not been idle in holding the developers to account, improving performance of suppliers such as Graylingwell Energy, providing advice and key contacts to individuals and trying to advance the issues about which we all care, such as the trees in the park.


    You can hear more about what we do at 7pm on Friday 14th August at the GPRA Annual General Meeting in The Chapel. Please come along and also consider volunteering for the committee.


    Of course, we like to bring people together as well and you will have seen flyers about LodgeFest on 22nd August


    LodgeFest is an event organised by residents for all residents old and new, under the auspices of the GPRA and CCDT. It is an opportunity to make new friends and meet other residents who may have just moved in or been here for some time. There will be something for children and adults alike.


    Starting at 2pm on the Chapel Green there will be a wildlife session, bouncy castle, face painting, games and ice creams. There’s a barbecue from 4.30-6pm and rounding out the evening until 9pm will be a live band playing a variety of music. Come along and join in when you want to, and bring your own drinks, blankets and deck chairs if you are staying for the duration.


    Details of how to obtain tickets (£2.00 for adults, children FREE) may be found on the Upcoming Events page of our website. Lloyd Road residents can also contact Chris Waller for tickets, either in person at 1 Lloyd Road or by email at chris.waller27@gmail.com.


    Trees – sub-group progress review

    Because the schedule of works that Linden Homes had suggested was based on a survey that is out of date (September 2013), the group have contacted two contractors for their opinions. Both disagreed with the consultants’ recommendations. John Hayes of Chichester Trees has now returned and met with Mike Pickering, Kelvin Barber, Barbara Howden-Richards, and Irela Strachan and suggested a way of saving more trees from felling.




    A draft report has been written, detailing the work required. This report has been submitted to Gavin Bourne at Linden Homes, Trudie Hudson at Grange Management and other relevant parties.


    Planning Applications

    Linden are revisiting putting houses on Summersdale Road (despite the previous objections having forced their withdrawal at the time of the last master plan revisions), another 4 houses at the entrance to Penny Acre (forcing the removal of more trees and obscuring the superintendent’s house) and a further 4 houses towards the Western Gateway. They have not made a formal application yet. When a planning application has been made then the GPRA will put in an appropriate response.




    At the time of writing there has been no news on the S106 negotiations which will govern when we get movement on the promised community facilities. Our expectations are that Linden will try to get council agreement to push their expenditure back and make the residents (now totalling over 300 occupations) wait even longer.




    There will be no GPRA coffee morning on 15th August as the Lodge is booked for a private function.


    If you use the bike stores, please remember to put the closing bolts in place to improve security.


    There are a few examples of Giant Hogweed around the development. Coming in contact with the sap of giant hogweed causes phytophotodermatitis in humans, resulting in blisters, long-lasting scars, and, if it comes in contact with eyes, can, in some circumstances, result in blindness. Please tell your children in particular to avoid this giant rhubarb-like plant.




    Two companies who can service HRV units (see earlier newsletters) are DVS (01489 559906) and ICA Electrical Contractors Ltd (01403 242770. Both companies work at Graylingwell and have given satisfactory service to residents.