• E-newsletter: Volume 2 Issue 3 April 2015

    We now have over 100 subscribers to this newsletter representing over a third of homes at Graylingwell. It is the fastest and cheapest way to spread news so please encourage your neighbours to sign up.

    Job Opportunity

    £500 honorarium paid per annum


    The Chichester Community Development Trust is seeking a keyholder for the Lodge at Graylingwell. The hours will initially be 1 to 2 hours per week and involve unlocking the community premises at 8am and locking up at 10pm 7 days per week. Holiday cover will be provided. The role should only take 5/10 minutes each morning and evening. CCDT are looking for a committed individual with some time to spare to help support this new community facility. Flexibility and an attention to detail are required and there is potential for increased hours and income in the near future.


    For more information and to apply please call for an informal chat with Emma on 01243 697072 or email bookings@chichestercdt.org.uk


    Fund raising

    Thanks to all those from Rousillon and Graylingwell who attended the recent fish and chip quiz night. £189 was raised for equipment for Fordwater School. If you missed this opportunity for fun and fish don’t worry there’s another one coming to the Lodge soon. Watch out for details and, if you don’t feel up to the intellectual rigours of the quiz, the fish and chip van will sell you your supper anyway.


    Coffee mornings in the park

    Regular Saturday coffee mornings are now running at the lodge (10-12am) hosted in turn by the GPRA, CCDT and the Church with some having a charity fund-raising element. Make it a regular opportunity to bump into friends and meet new neighbours.


    If you a Great British Bake Off fan please consider baking a cake for the coffee mornings. You can join the baker’s rota by contacting susanshord@yahoo.co.uk


    Please keep your eyes open

    Earlier this month a bicycle was stolen from a communal bike store in Longley Road. This remains the most common criminal offence here so please make sure all your possessions and equipment are locked away and/or chained effectively. (insert diag here)

    Shortly before the recent official opening of the Lodge two pairs of wooden gates and fixings were stolen from the fencing around Chapel Green in front the Clock House. Due to their size these would have to have been carried away in a van. Again, shortly before the recent official opening of the Lodge, damage was done to the external balustrade around the building, probably by kicking in the uprights. With the longer, lighter evenings there are always more incidents of this kind so please be alert and report anything suspicious to the police by calling 101.

    West Sussex Better Connected – Chichester Cabinet 67

    The physical work to build and test the cabinet at the end of Lloyd Road was completed recently and Openreach will release the cabinet to internet service providers shortly. It can take up to two weeks for the full range of internet service providers to start selling services from the cabinet but if you want to take advantage of this roll-out of superfast broadband you should contact your provider soon to find out any charges and requirements.

    Havenstoke Park Trees

    In a recent meeting with the GPRA to discuss stewardship and upkeep of the park, Linden confirmed that they are only responsible for the area from, and including, the inner ring of trees to the centre of the park (from the path to the boundaries is controlled by Grange Management and is deemed public realm). They presented an arboreal report from September 2013 which shows many of the horse chestnuts too diseased to save and other trees marked for felling (in the outer ring) under increased parking provision in the master plan. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, they see no obligation to replant where trees have died or fallen and do not recognise any heritage obligation to maintain a special and beautiful avenue, despite featuring it heavily in their advertising.

    At their last meeting the committee began a debate as to whether replanting the park is a project the GPRA could undertake. What do you think? Contact us and let us know if this is the sort of community activity you would like us to spearhead.

    Parking policy

    From time to time we are asked by community-based organisations such as the church and the choir to relax parking on Connolly Way and Blomfield Drive for special events. Recently we have complied with these requests with regard to a funeral for a congregation member and a charity concert. We do, however, get many such requests and frequently turn them down out of respect for residents’ enjoyment of the park, recognition of restrictions on residents’ own parking and in pursuit of a green travel policy in line with the original Graylingwell concept. We have discussed the need for such a green travel policy with both organisations especially as the already limited parking by the chapel will eventually be removed. It is our contention that with Northgate car park a short walk away and buses (60 and 50) serving the park, it is only in very exceptional circumstances that roadway parking may be required.