• E-newsletter Volume 2: Issue 1 February 2015

    Welcome to the first newsletter of 2015.



    internetsymbolBetter, faster broadband

    GPRA treasurer, Chris Waller has been delving around looking for news of when faster fibre broadband services will become available at Graylingwell Park. Chris made contact with the Openreach Wayleaves Team and it appears the necessary cabinet (currently awaiting permission) could be located at the end of Lloyd Road during the autumn as part of the Better Connected collaboration between the WSCC, BT and central government. You can get more information at www.west-sussexbetterconnected.org.uk/check-availability and the more of us register and express an interest the likelier the prospect becomes.


    Coffee Mornings at the Lodge


    Chichester College students should have the Lodge 80% finished in 3 weeks but there is a call out to the community to help finish the project on 20th and 21st February from 9am until 4pm. (See previous call for help from CCDT.) Between half-term and Easter, however, it should all be completely finished and some trial events will be run prior to commercial bookings. Funding is in place for a homework club, the ambassadors and the junior ambassadors, as well as a youth club. Dusty’s free fitness sessions will also transfer to The Lodge from Roussillon Park, where they are currently running – details on our Upcoming Events page. Yoga, Pilates and Zumba teachers have also shown an interest in running classes.


    As part of building community, regular Saturday coffee mornings are planned and the GPRA will be running a trial open house coffee morning on Saturday, 21st March. So put the date in your diaries and come along to chat to committee members about things that concern you, or just have a natter to neighbours. Everyone is welcome. More publicity will follow nearer the time.





    Graylingwell Park was conceived as a low-carbon development with an emphasis on sustainable transport through the provision and subsidy of the increasingly well-used bus service and cycle paths (still to be implemented). From the outset therefore the number of parking spaces available to residents was always deliberately restricted. Controlled areas of resident parking were designed as desirable alternatives to the type of free-for-all that blights other parts of the city, such as Bostock Road, that have recently featured in the local press. (Photograph below courtesy of bostockparking.co.uk)




    Consequently when residents move to Graylingwell parking is restricted by covenant. This is a legally binding agreement and applies to all categories of housing including ownership, shared-ownership, buy-to-let and social housing tenancies. When people sign up for a property they are allocated parking space accordingly. Typically, flats are awarded one space, some larger houses (but not all) are allocated two. In addition to a permit for their main numbered parking space(s) residents are given a single visitor’s parking permit. This is solely to allow tradesmen, family members and guests to visit for short periods of time. This visitor permit cannot be used for the regular parking of any additional vehicle that the resident may have. Use of the permit in this way can lead to the permanent cancellation of the permit and a £100 fine for each subsequent parking offence.


    At the last two Annual General Meetings of the Residents’ Association the committee has been specifically asked to ensure that this position is enforced because space is so limited. We have also spoken to local estate agents handling lettings to ensure new tenants are aware of the rules. CPM is in the process of issuing warnings to car owners who flout visitor-parking rules. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you.


    Parking tips include:


    For family gatherings, when more than one visitor space is required, it is not uncommon for the immediate community to pool permits unused at that time to help out


    The renting out of spare spaces by those who have one car but two spaces because of the size of their property. (Spare spaces are available to buy from Linden Homes but we believe there are none on the market at the moment as they are being used as temporary spaces for phase 3 of the development where, as yet, some roads are unfinished. In any event suggested prices are prohibitive, ranging from £5-15k)


    Using a visitor permit to park in the bays around Havenstoke Park at night (those parking with visitor permits are not time-restricted in the way that casual visitors are to 2 hours only).



    Future events to watch out for:

    The Young Ambassadors are planning a skate competition at Westgate skate-park and a dog show day in Havenstoke Park. We’ll bring you details of these events as they emerge.



    The new date of the Summer Garden Party is now 11th July. Keep it free for a fun day. The GPRA will this year be running the car park so will call for volunteers to man the park and direct traffic in late May/early June.