• E-Newsletter 9 – Mid October

    This is more of a quick update than a full newsletter but we wanted to draw your attention to some changes on the website.


    On the ‘Useful Contact Numbers’ page we’ve added the new low-cost telephone number for Switch2 who bill you for heating and hot water on behalf of Graylingwell Energy. We’ve also added a number for NHBC to whom you can turn in the first ten years of the life of your property if you need repairs to the fabric of your building (that fall outside Linden’s official two-year warranty scheme).


    We have updated the ‘Hot Topics’ page to reflect the GPRA’s more immediate concerns. Because we do this on a regular basis it is always worth dipping into the website to check the latest news and don’t forget to check out the ‘Upcoming Events’ page at the same time.


    We’ve also posted the minutes of the meeting we held with Graylingwell Energy to discuss the concerns that so many of you raised with us. This was a positive meeting and set the tone for a better dialogue and standard of service between customer and provider. The minutes are on the ‘Committee Minutes’ page on the website and, as something of a rarity these days, contains news of a price reduction.


    Over 220 homes are now occupied at Graylingwell. Please make all our new residents welcome, tell them about the GPRA, the newsletters and the neighbourhood watch scheme, and encourage them to contact the GPRA if they have any concerns or want to volunteer some time to help community happen.


    Finally, if you want to listen to Owls staking out their territories, Havenstoke Park can get pretty noisy around 7-7.30pm. It’s a hoot…

    tawny owl




    Volume 1: Issue No 8 Late September 2014

    A month of getting together


    September kicked off in fine style with a joint Chichester Development Trust and GPRA barbecue on Sunday 7th. With residents and CCDT team members sharing the set-up chores and the weather holding, Chapel Green was ready for its latest community gathering. Between 75 and 80 residents and children shared burgers, sausages and the all-important glass of Pimms. It was a good time to meet established friends and neighbours and, of course, welcome new ones.













    The bouncy castle proved magnetic to the energetic younger members of the community (and at least two parents) and retiring GPRA Chairman, Brad Ainsworth, did a sterling job as head chef. Thanks to all who helped make the event a success.



    On the 19th September it was time for the AGM and another good turnout of over 45 residents came to hear progress reports on issues that affect us all. Elections were held for the committee officers and a new committee member volunteered to strengthen our team. A wide range of issues were discussed and the minutes of the meeting are now on the website. The committee will review all proposed actions at their next meeting and gratifyingly there was clearly a lot of support for the work the volunteer committee do.


    MacMCoffee3 MacCoffee














    On 26th September it was back to the Cabin for the Macmillan coffee morning. Led by Coral Botteley, a team produced cakes and coffees galore for an assortment of builders, residents and even two travelling representatives of a ukulele orchestra. A total of £120 was raised for Macmillan from sales, a raffle and donations. Thanks again to all who gave their time and cash.


    Other points to note:


    The council decision on Linden’s proposals to vary the master plan has been put back to 19th November as all parties discuss the issues. The section 106 commitments and negotiations (in particular with regard to the space for community activities) are consuming a lot of time. More objections have been lodged, in particular by the Chichester Conservation Area Advisory Committee, regarding the proposed houses on Summersdale Road.


    Planning permission has been granted for the Lodge – a temporary building to support community activities and groups to be sited on Chapel Green. Erection will start as soon as possible (see earlier editions of the newsletter for a photo)



    And finally,


    There’s lots to do for adults and children between now and Christmas at Roussillon Park and Graylingwell, ranging from regular classes such as Pilates (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Monty Toms’ art classes (Thursday afternoons) – both at Roussillon Park – and the Fun Bus Club at Graylingwell, to special events such as the Harvest Festival at the chapel (19th October), a harvest event in the Community Garden (26th October) and a fish and chip charity quiz (23rd October at Roussillon Park). For more ideas and information, contact the Chichester Community Development Trust.


    A number of our residents are also taking part in the regular Saturday morning 5km run in Oaklands Park – (Chichester Parkrun) – including Brad Ainsworth, training for his charity triathlon, and Dusty (in black) with Alfie (in red) caught on camera below.








    Volume 1:Issue No 7 Late August 2014

    Call for volunteers


    Don’t forget there is a community barbecue sponsored by the GPRA and CCDT which is open to all residents and which will take place on Sunday 7th September, from 5.00pm – 8.00pm on the Chapel Green.


    To help make the event run smoothly we need volunteers, so if you can help with any of the following please contact Jane Haskins at the CCDT on either 01243 697072 or 07901 874317. Alternatively email jane@chichestercdt.org.uk .
    Setting up from about 3.30pm

    Cooking on the BBQ

    Looking after the Bouncy Castle

    Organising games for the children on the green – rounders or similar

    Mixing Pimms and giving out soft drinks and ice creams

    Clearing up and packing away at the end.

    Come along, enjoy the fun and meet new friends and neighbours.


    Development issues

    Our continued objections to the proposed apartment blocks on Chapel Green have been submitted and will soon be posted on the Chichester District Council website. Thank you to those who responded to the call for comments in the last newsletter.

    After a considerable period of time, properties in Phase 1A (the first half of Lloyd Road) are having their render replaced due to faults in original application. Residents who live in this area, who have a problem with their render and who have neither contacted NHBC nor heard about replacement from Linden Homes should take action now by contacting Linden and arranging for the work to be done.
    Noisy neighbours

    Several occurrences of noisy neighbours have been reported to the GPRA. We are not a statutory body and have no authority to deal with such nuisances. We can, however, give advice about ways of dealing with the problem and which agency you should contact in the first instance if the problem persists. Advice on the web always suggests you start with a polite request to your neighbour to see things from the point of view of others, rather than going straight to environmental health or the police, and plenty of tips on taking things one step at a time. For example, https://www.noisyneighbours.net/ gives a lot of practical help.
    And finally here are a couple of questions for you…

    Which law of nature dictates that whenever committee members do a litter-pick in the park there will always be an abandoned Homebase trolley?



    EggHow did a chicken’s egg get buried in a plant pot in Longley Road? Is it the neighbourhood fox hiding its tea? If it is, where’s the chicken and if it isn’t –where’s the chicken