Contact the committee

To contact the committee regarding concerns and issues you may have about the estate, or to ask for advice about contacts who can help you, you can email the committee representative for your street – see email addresses further down this page.  

However, please remember that we are all volunteers with limited time and, for the most part, you should be able to find solutions to any problems by following the advice on the Help Guide page of this website.Committee representatives for areas within the Graylingwell development are as follows:

Lloyd Road – Pete Lindars

Longley Road –   Keith Roberts, Kathy Sykes 

Penny Acre –Carol Findlay

North Mead – Joe Etienne

 Homestead Road – Keith Roberts, Kathy Sykes

Peter Harris – Chairman

Kathy Sykes – Vice Chair –

Secretary – to be appointed

Carol Findlay – Treasurer –

Keith Roberts –

Joe Etienne –

Pete Lindars –

In addition, we have a Neighbourhood Watch Group at Graylingwell.  Joe Etienne is the overall coordinator for the organisation 

Joe Etienne –