Communicating with residents

The GPRA provides residents with  a number of options for keeping themselves informed about what’s happening at Graylingwell. There is also information available to help them contact the appropriate organisations if they have an issue with their properties or the wider public realm.

These are outlined below:

1       Website – the main source of information for residents.


  • Help Guide to direct residents to who best can help them with particular issues
  • Hot Topics to identify current areas of relevance/ concern to all residents – parking, planning, play park closure etc
  • Minutes of Committee meetings and Quarterly meetings
  • Who’s Who? – a page which provides information about key players at Graylingwell Park and their roles and responsibilities. (Linden Homes; Grange Management; Clarion Housing Group; Graylingwell Energy; CCDT; CPM etc)
  • Opportunity to sign up for newsletters
  • Contact details for committee street representatives  

2       Flyer publicising the GPRA at the Pavilion

3      AGM

Full reports are given on all aspects of the work of the GPRA