• Committee Meeting 7 pm Friday 28th February 2014 Minutes

    1       Attendees:

    • Sue Cressey, Barbara Howden Richards, Irela Strachan, Paula Miller, Richard Shord, Grace Taylor

    2       Apologies:

    • Brad Ainsworth, Emma Ainsworth, Jane Haskins, Dusty Miller

    3       New members:

    • Dusty Miller had volunteered to join the committee.
    • Irela Strachan was welcomed to her first meeting.

    4       Minutes of previous meeting.

    • Accepted by the committee as a fair and accurate record of the meeting.
    • Approved

    5       Matters arising

    • Neighbourhood Watch: CPSO is to be invited to a committee meeting to discuss neighbourhood watch proposals and issues such as bins being damaged through their use to scale the fences into Summersdale.
    • Questionnaire: In the absence of CCDT representation no progress was made.
    • Hot Water outages 2013/2014: Inadequate responses had been delivered by Graylingwell energy.  Committee requested that the Chairman arrange a meeting with Gavin Brothers to obtain answers re lack of compensation, inadequate billing arrangements (leading to high bills) and poor customer service.
    • Grange/Linden outstanding issues: The treasurer had written to customer services and Grange to get outstanding estate issues resolved prior to Grange’s takeover of responsibilities for Phase 2.  Most had been addressed (e.g. concrete drainage pipes removed from south entrance; NW bin store doors repaired) and SCS (the new grounds contractor) have made a good start on tidying/repairing the planted areas and hedges. Residents of Phase 2 should be aware that maintenance bills will follow. Treasurer to contact Tim Kenney for details of costs/dates.

    6       Treasurer’s report

    • Current balance £326.94 of which £102.60 is hypothecated
    • All initial website costs have been paid.

    7       Website update

    • 83 Individual IP addresses had visited the website
    • Over 150 hits recorded
    • 14 residents had signed up for e-mail updates
    • Several residents had contacted committee members as a result.  Main concerns were lack of progress on the adventure playground and issues with Graylingwell Energy


    8       Grange Management Update


    • No monthly report on progress had been received due to staff illness at Grange.  Treasurer will remind Tim Kenney of his obligations in the note to be sent under section 5 (above)
    • Disabled Parking: CPM to be contacted via Tim Kenney to allow 30 minutes parking by blue badge holders outside of parking bays (provided no traffic obstruction caused). Visitor bays to be used at all other times.
    • Other events: Sue Cressey had reacted swiftly to the sewage spillage in Lloyd Road as did Grange when contacted on behalf of of the GPRA.  However, individual residents had reported the incident to Affinity Sutton (as required by their tenancies) nearly 10 days previously and no action had been taken. Sue had raised the issue with both Affinity Sutton and Grange.  Richard Smith (of Grange) had agreed to meet with the GPRA to draft a communication for all residents regarding processes going forward.  Chairman to arrange.  Grange telephone number to be added to website.


    9       CCDT update      


    • No direct update due to absences.
    • The treasurer reported concerns over the majority of funding for the temporary hall (due March) coming from the District Council rather than Linden.
    • The treasurer has sought clarity on this and the lack of progress on the playground from CCDT and will report back.


    10     Membership of CRAG


    • Committee agreed to join CRAG and the Treasurer will attend meetings on their behalf.


    11     Dates of future meetings


    • PLEASE NOTE CHANGES from previous minutes
    • Wednesday 26th March 7pm
    • Wednesday 30th April 7pm
    • Changes due to clearing of diary issues for some committee members.


    12     AOB


    • NHBC had visited properties in Lloyd Road over render issues.  Progress on-going
    • Litter and dog fouling had increased in the Park.  GPRA will organise a litter-picking day for volunteers.  Barbara Howden Richards will draft a letter to NHS properties over the state of their property entrances.  Paula Miller will contact the dog warden.

    Grace Taylor reported on the unresponsive nature of Customer Services over snags.  GPRA to contact Tony Bicknell to complain as committee felt this was a widespread on-going issue.