Apartment windows and communal windows


Grange has advised the following schedule for Leaseholders whose external windows are cleaned quarterly

These dates will be subject to change during periods of bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.

All residents must ensure that their windows are closed on the advised dates. Failure to close windows will result in them not being cleaned. Window cleaners will not return where this occurs.

Week Commencing Dates:
(Window Cleaners will be on site for up to 4 days)

Monday 6th November -Thursday 9th November 2023
Monday 5th February- Thursday 8th February 2024
Tuesday 7th May – Friday 10th May 2024
Monday 5th August – Thursday 8th August 2024

Should you have any questions relating to the above please contact Grange on 01483 411 770 or email info@grangemanagement.com