• Minutes of the GPRA Committee October 2017

    GPRA Committee Meeting – 27.10.17


    Sue Cressey; Susan Shord; Barbara Howden Richards; Grace Taylor; John Eagles; Irela Strachan; Sandy Jenner; Anna Bloomfield; Brian Baker; Jack Wingfield; Sue James

    Anna, Jack and Sue James were welcomed to the committee.


    Chris Waller, Clare de Bathe, Sophie Egleton, Rob Norris, Paul Rolfe

    Co-opting additional committee members

    Paul Rolfe, Grace Taylor and Sue James were co-opted on to the committee.

    Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:

    The issue of the fountain, shelter and security of the airing courts which was raised by a resident at the AGM is already on the agenda for the next quarterly meeting. The outcome will be recorded in the minutes and available on the website.

    Treasurer’s report (SC for CW):

    The balance stands at £1039.92.

    Donation to CCDT towards the Christmas event in the Chapel (3.12.17) (SC)

    The CCDT will be hosting a Christmas event in the Chapel and the GPRA has been asked to support this. SC proposed a donation of £100.00. The proposal was carried with two abstentions.

    Planning update – changes (JE for RN):

    The developers have submitted a revised planning application for Lower Graylingwell which mostly affects residents of Penny Acre, many of whom have already expressed their concerns in writing to CDC. There had been a very short time scale provided for responding to these changes and it was noted that Hills, the developers, had failed to include Graylingwell residents in their consultation, despite consulting with affected residents in Richmond Park. However, RN had submitted a letter setting out significant concerns. Key points were:

    • the siting of the apartment blocks
    • their environmental impact
    • the social demographic concerns we have about the proposed heavy concentration of affordable and shared ownership accommodation to the north of the development

    On 25th October it became apparent that the university has also raised objections relating to their planned use of the link road. It was agreed that a planning sub-group should be set up to look at the university’s proposals and act in the interests of residents in relation to the future development of these plans. Members of the sub-group would be RN (convenor), JE, JW and AB and they will agree who will represent the GRPA at the planning committee meeting on 13th December.

    BHR asked that the GPRA letter of objection be circulated to committee members. This was actioned immediately.

    Chichester pipe-line and Lower Graylingwell

    BHR reported that the route is on the other side of Graylingwell Drive so should not have too much impact.

    Feedback on meeting with Robert Caister (RN)

    No feedback was available. However, it was noted that Robert Caister is no longer with Linden Homes. We do have a new contact at Linden and the website has been updated accordingly. Nicole is now on maternity leave.

    Secretarial support (SS):

    SS was seeking support with some of the responsibilities of secretary and agreed to speak with SJ outside the meeting.

    The newsletter will only be distributed every two months in future following each committee meeting.

    Feedback from Neighbourhood Watch meeting – 9th October, 2017 (SS):

    SS reported on the presentation by the district commander of Sussex Police to those involved in neighbourhood watch. Cuts to policing means there are fewer PCSOs and they will have to rely on the community much more than in the past. SS believes it would be advantageous to strengthen the neighbourhood watch in Graylingwell Park and form links with other groups in north Chichester where, at present, there is no formal organisation. She will investigate this and report back at the next meeting.

    CCDT Issues (JE for C de B):

    The Chapel asset transfer has still not taken place. Hopefully, the final legal issues will have been resolved by the end of November.

    Sunday 3rd December is the date for the candlelight Christmas event (from 4.00-6.00pm) in the Chapel.

    Developers of Lower Graylingwell have been in meetings with CCDT about the proposed plans for the Sports Pavilion. So far, the developers appear unwilling to take on the CCDT’s ideas. Work on the development should begin in the new year.

    The contractor appointed to do the steel works at the water tower has ceased trading and a new contractor has now been appointed. The work will take place in November and it will be available as a drop-in centre early in the New Year.

    Chichester Society (GT):

    GT reminded the meeting that the Society has created five trails for the town. Information about them was in a previous newsletter and SS will put it in again. Leaflets are available in the Novium, Library and Council Offices.

    The original outline plans for phase nine bordering Kingsmead Avenue showed an avenue of trees along the eastern side. This has now been changed so that the trees will be planted in groups with gaps between them providing views to the downs.

    Items for next Quarterly Meeting – 16.11.17 (SC):

    • BHR asked for the landscaping at Graylingwell to be discussed and this will be added to the agenda.
    • Update on progress on Section 106

    The minutes of previous meetings are on the website. Items in red show actions agreed which will be reviewed at the following meeting. It is good to note that many of these have been actioned or are being progressed.

    Any additional items should be sent to SS by 15.11.17

    Items for the next newsletter (SS):

    • Information about where to obtain leaflets for the Chichester Society walks
    • Neighbourhood Watch
    • Publicity for the Candlelight event in the Chapel – John agreed to write something for this
    • Open day for the Energy Centre, 20th January 2018
    • Quiz nights – Brian agreed to write something

    SS asked all committee members to encourage more people to sign up for the newsletter.


    • Sussex Gardens Trust membership is due for renewal, which will cost £20.00. The committee agreed we should renew and SC will contact CW to raise a cheque.
    • The Christmas Saturday Café is on the 16th December with mince pies and mulled wine. SC asked for support from all committee members. All donations will go to Stonepillow.
    • BHR raised a concern that parking vouchers are no longer being considered. SS reassured her that their possible use will be reviewed at the end of the year once the effect of the release of more visitors’ spaces is clear. The division between east and west should happen by Christmas and this may also have an effect.
    • The GPRA has received an invitation to take part in a mass spring bulb planting session initiated by CDC. Planters, bulbs, etc. will be supplied. Angie Bacon (CCDT, Roussillon Park) will organise this.

    Next meeting 20th December, 2017